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The Power of the Spirit

We can talk about overcoming trauma and temptation through faith in Jesus. We can talk about developing resilience. But the simple fact is that something is missing. The power to be and to do. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit provides that power. What does that even mean? Why do so few Christians show evidence of it? How can I experience it? Those are the kinds of questions we will be exploring together in this series.

Session 5: Heavy Lifting - March 21, 2020



What is the work of the Holy Spirit? How does it relate to our suffering and to the Hidden Half of the Gospel? It all starts to come together this month. Don't miss a thing!

Session 4: Missing


That actually is the title. But Facebook was going through transitions and blocked us downloading the sermon after it was Live Streamed. Message us through the Contact Tab and we can send you a link.

Session 3: Waves


When did Jesus' first followers receive the Holy Spirit? How does their experience inform our expectations today? What does this have to do with waves? So many questions!

Session 2: Facebook Babies.


The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is a gift God freely gives. Really? Then why do so few Christians show evidence of the Spirit's transforming power in their lives?


Session 1: Firestorm


Join me as we journey from a firestorm in California to an encounter on a dark road in Nigeria. Both experiences have changed my perspectives on what it takes to live a life that is more than "good enough."

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