Fairfield Seventh-day Adventist Church


Steve Scott is presenting three interconnected sermon series right now. All three center around overcoming trauma, adverse childhood experiences, temptation, and sin. You won't want to miss a one.

Get off the Merry-go-round!

What does faith in Jesus have to do with overcoming trauma and adverse childhood experiences? How do they connect to temptation and sin? Remember merry-go-rounds? I loved them! As long as I wasn't on them. Never was good with the roundy-roundy stomach thing. Join me the first Saturdays of each month as I explore some things I learned this year about getting off the Christian Merry-go-round. Never heard of it. You'll know it when you see it.

The Power of the Spirit

We can talk about overcoming and developing resilience all we want. But it sounds exhausting. It is exhausting to try and accomplish this all by ourselves. Which is why the good news of the Holy Spirit is such an important part of the Gospel. Then why do we have such difficulty experiencing this power? On the second Saturdays of each month, we will be grappling with some of the harsh realities and wonderful promises that we encounter in the Christian walk. [Yes, I know they are out of order. But that's the way it works. :) ]

The Circle of Strength

What does it mean to be "Strong in the Lord?" Overcoming trauma is one thing. Developing resilience is another. Does faith in Jesus offer us any hope of trauma-proofing our lives? On the third Saturdays of each month we will be the behavioral aspect of the faith-walk that we as a community have found as a source of strength in our lives.